About Dr. Rob Sobhani

Rob Sobhani, PhD, is Chairman and CEO of Caspian Group Holdings, LLC, (Caspian Group) a multi-disciplinary group of companies with international business interests in the fields of energy, including renewable sources, infrastructure development, high technology and publishing. He leads a management team that provides multinationals, sovereign governments as well as technology start-ups with strategic partnerships and tailor-made counsel.

A prolific author, Dr. Sobhani has published three books, and regularly contributes articles and opinion pieces on global energy and international issues in leading news publications worldwide. He is a frequent commentator on international television networks and radio programs.

Rob was born in Kansas, attended high school at Tehran International School, spent years in the Middle East and the former Soviet Union and speaks three languages. His experiences have earned him a uniquely global perspective, which makes him highly sought by both the private and public sectors. During the past two decades, Rob has provided strategic counsel to American energy companies on a series of global initiatives in the field of energy security.

Rob earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees, including a PhD in Political Economy, at Georgetown University, where he lectured on foreign policy and energy security for years, until a thriving international business practice shifted his focus.

Dr. Sobhani is the founder and CEO of Sparo Corporation a web portal that marries e-commerce and charity.

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